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Chimneys, or Kurtoskalacs, are freshly baked Hungarian bread-like pastries that have a satisfying crunch on the outside and a light and fluffy dough on the inside. They have a hollow, cylindrical shape and you can pull them apart like a spiral as you eat.

We bake traditional Chimneys Cakes and also Chimney Cones™ (aka Donut Cones™). Our base dough is made fresh on the premises daily with 100% natural and mostly organic ingredients and is vegan. There are only seven ingredients.

Most of our toppings are house made from scratch locally by Val of Sweet Carnival Cakes.

The below menu is from our Toronto Flagship location. Our food truck will serve a selection of this menu that will vary from event to event.

For vegan diets We are pleased to share that we now have a VEGAN soft serve at our flagship location! Cones that can be altered to make a vegan alternative with our vegan soft serve are marked with “V” on the menu below. For coffees we also offer soy and almond milk options. Please note that we do not have vegan soft serve available on our truck.

Allergy Warning: We serve peanuts/nuts, dairy and egg on our premises. 

All prices include tax.

Bloor Street Menu

Eva's Original Chimney Cakes Menu
Eva's Original Chimneys Menu
Eva's Original Chimneys Menu
Eva's Original Chimneys Menu


It’s not that we don’t want your cash 😉 But, Eva’s is operating with electronic payments only so we can be faster, more hygienic and more accurate for everyone! Hygiene is particularly important to us as our entire kitchen is out front where the register is.

We believe this is the future of payment and we thank you for joining us as we make this step!

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