Eva's Original Chimneys

The Eva’s Original Chimneys Story

Meet Eva. Born and raised in Budapest, she left Hungary during the revolution and made her way to Canada with only her husband and two children, Zolton and Tamara, leaving everything else behind. She has since built a wonderful life in Canada but she of course still loves and misses home and visits as often as she can.

Eva speaks fondly of her home and shares many stories from her childhood with her grandchildren, including how she would eat these amazing and delicious Kürtoskalács (Chimney Cakes) on special occasions.

When Eva’s grandson, Justin, married Kristin they immediately sold all of their belongings — house, car, everything! — and took off to travel the world for a year.

One of their final stops was to visit the family in Hungary, where, on the streets of beautiful Budapest they ate freshly baked Kürtoskalács (chimney cakes) from an open rotisserie grill, just like Grandma Eva spoke about.

Eva’s Chimney Cakes and Chimney Cones™ are delicious, freshly baked, unique Hungarian treats and a proud part of our heritage.

Fresh from Budapest — Eva’s Original Chimneys are baking this delicious traditional treat on an open gas rotisserie grill in our flagship storefront location at 454 Bloor Street West, as well as our food truck and city pop-ups for you to enjoy in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

Eva’s is the original home of Canada’s famous Chimney Cones™ (Doughnut Cones™) as seen on the Food Network, Insider, Tastemade, NOW Toronto, BlogTo – and all over your Instagram feed!

Eva’s is committed to giving back to the community – learn more about Eva’s Love charitable initiatives and how you can get involved