Eva's Original Chimneys

What are Chimneys?

Known as Kürtöskalács in Hungarian or Trdelník in Czech, Chimney Cakes are unique, bread-like freshly baked Hungarian pastries, named after their hollow, cylindrical shape. They have a satisfying crunch on the outside and a delicious, light and fluffy dough on the inside.

Our Chimney Cakes and Chimney Cones™ are made with only premium quality ingredients from scratch by hand each day and are baked, not fried using a traditional-style open gas rotisserie grill.

To make our cakes and cones the dough is raised, then rolled out and wrapped like a ribbon around a baking dowel, and rolled in organic cane sugar. They are then baked fresh before your eyes over our custom-made open rotisserie grill, until the surface becomes golden-brown. While baking, the sugar caramelizes providing a crispy crunch in every bite. The freshly baked dough on the inside remains fluffy and soft like the best piece of bread you’ve never eaten. Our Chimney cakes can be prepared in delicious sweet or savoury flavours and our Chimney Cones™ are all sweet 🙂

Eva was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, and fondly remembers eating Chimney Cakes on special occasions. Learn more about Eva’s story.

With our open rotisserie grill, Hungarian heritage and traditional baking methods we are proud to bring Kürtöskalács or Trdelník — the delicious and unique treat fresh from Budapest and Prague — to you in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario!