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Canada's Original Home of the Chimney Cone®

Freshly baked Eastern European pastries – rolled into the best ice cream cone you've ever tasted!

You may hear people talking about “Donut Cones”... But these are not actually donuts – and they are not fried.  The drool-worthy, doughy cones you are seeing all over your feed are an Eastern European treat known as Kürtőskalács (Hungarian) Trdelník (Czech) or Chimney Cakes in English.


At Eva's, our Chimney Cones® are made with the same, signature dough as our Chimney Cakes – we use just seven, all-natural ingredients and our base recipe is vegan.

View our menu for our range of premium toppings and flavours, many of which we make from scratch. 

Our Ingredients

The base ingredients for the Chimney Cake and Cone dough are:

Unbleached flour, spring water, organic cane sugar, sunflower oil, lemon, fresh yeast and sea salt


 Our Chimney Cones™ are filled with real-cream soft-serve ice cream or vegan soft serve.

The base dough is suitable for vegans and our staff can advise on what toppings are suitable for vegans


Allergy Warning: We serve peanuts/nuts, dairy and egg on our premises.

Please click below  to view our allergen chart and advise staff of any allergies.

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