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Eva's launches a pink, Cookie Stuffed Cone for the CNE!

Wednesday August 16th, 2023

We're so excited to share our exciting menu for this year's CNE Food Building – in addition to our classic favourites and mac and cheeze vegan cones, we have a limited-edition line-up of Cookie Stuffed Cones!

These cones are all rolled in cookie crumbs, have a sauce-stuffed centre, a layer of either sauce or cookie, plus whole cookies on top. The flavours are Oreo, Biscoff and Strawberry Wafer – Strawberry Wafer, which is a beautiful bright pink, is in celebration of the CNE's Pink Floyd Exhibition (and, unofficially Barbie!). This cone also features a house-made strawberry sugar cookie which as an unbelievably delicious and fresh strawberry flavour. All of our Cookie Stuffed Cones can be made vegan.

Look who's talking about our Cookie Stuffed Cones


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