Eva's Original Chimneys

Our Ingredients

Eva’s Original Chimney Cakes and Chimney Cones™ use the only the best ingredients, including organic and local wherever possible, because we believe in serving simple and wholesome food.

Our Chimney Cakes and Cones are prepared fresh using a traditional-style open rotisserie grill and are baked not fried.

The base dough is suitable for vegans and our staff can advise on what toppings are suitable for vegans, too.

The base ingredients for the Chimney Cake and Cone dough are:

Unbleached flour, organic coconut milk, organic cane sugar, sunflower oil, lemon, fresh yeast and sea salt

 Our Chimney Cones™ are filled with real-cream soft-serve ice cream and we also have vegan options available using coconut whipped cream.


Fresh Strawberries

Homemade Apple Preserves


Homemade Local Berry Compote

Butter Toffee Bits

Organic Cocoa Drizzle

Homemade Salted Caramel Brownie

Our selection of sweet or savoury toppings and spreads for Chimney Cakes includes:

Toppings: Sweet

Carmelized organic cane sugar (Golden Glaze)

 Cinnamon sugar



Toppings: Savoury

Olive oil and salted lemon pepper

Local two-year aged white cheddar

Spreads: Sweet

Homemade cream cheese icing


Homemade Apple Preserves

Spreads: Savoury

Whipped cream cheese

Please refer to our menu for all our current offerings. We look forward to serving you!